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Held Sunday, 19 June 2011 in Belmont, MA2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk

2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/WalkBelmont, MA – On June 19th, Brendan’s Home Run, a Father’s Day tradition in Belmont, reached a 10 year milestone. The first place finisher was also traditional. Dan Vassallo of Reading, winner now of seven Home Runs, crossed the line in 15:26. His victory comes on the heels of a first place finish at the Key Bank Vermont City Marathon just 3 weeks ago. He was followed closely by Ryan McCalmon of Belmont and Gregory Picklesimer of Newton, with times of 15:37 and 16:18, respectively. Leading the way for the female runners was Claire Shaw of Cambridge with a record-breaking time of 17:59, followed by Jessica Minty of Arlington (18:20) and Lindsay Willard of Somerville (18:28).
2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk
2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/WalkThe times for all the 5K runners are available from www.CoolRunning.com.  Overall, the fastest female and male finishers in the 2011 5K race were:

Fastest Female Runners
1 Shaw, Claire W21 Cambridge, MA 17:58.4
2 Minty, Jessica W27 Arlington, MA 18:19.4
3 Willard, Lindsay W32 Somerville, MA 18:27.5
4 Gravel, Katrina W22 Peabody, MA 19:24.5
5 Price, Anya W21 Natick, MA 20:02.2
6 Genova, Erin W31 Belmont, MA 20:06.6
7 Domanova, Larysa W25 Needham, MA 20:22.72011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk
2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk8 Carter, Lauren W18 Lexington, MA 20:38.9
9 Malek, Stephanie W20 Belmont, MA 20:55.2
10 Arcelus, Ainara W18 Belmont, MA 21:36.7
11 Mehaffey, Carolyn W47 Belmont, MA 21:51.7
12 Deutch, Amie W40 Natick, MA 21:56.6
13 McGowan, Meredeth W15 East Longmeadow, MA 21:58.9
14 Harrington, Samantha W25 Cambridge, MA 22:08.2
15 Manjikian, Laurie W48 Belmont, MA 22:11.0

2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/WalkFastest Male Runners

1 Vassallo, Dan M26 Reading, MA 15:26.0
2 McCalmon, Ryan M35 Belmont, MA 15:36.9
3 Picklesimer, Gregory M44 Newton, MA 16:17.42011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk
4 Stadler, Chris M18 Belmont, MA 16:31.5
5 Miling, Ryan M22 Boston, MA 16:42.8
6 Cipriano, Robert M51 Belmont, MA 16:51.9
7 Carey, Andrew M18 Belmont, MA 17:55.0
8 Klemovitch, Frank M32 Arlington, MA 17:56.2
9 Billings, miles M36 Watertown, MA 17:57.0
10 Schaffer, Jason M36 Arlington, MA 18:35.4
11 Conroy, Charlie M41 Belmont, MA 18:56.4
12 MacFarland, Gordon M63 Arlington, MA 19:05.2
13 Fuller, Scott M44 Burlington, MA 19:08.6
2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk14 Youmell, Matt M38 Arlington, MA 19:16.5
15 Futrell, Dan M28 Cambridge, MA 19:27.4

While these talented runners burned up the 5k course, the 400 and 800 meter runs for children ages 6-8 and 9-12 were held on the Belmont High School track. Fastest 400 finishers were Tyler Richard Bennett of Cambridge and Francesca Celi Kitch of Belmont.  Calvin Perkins of Belmont was the start-to-finish leader in the 800 while Audrey Christo of Belmont was the fastest girl on the track.
2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk
In another Home Run tradition, fastest parent/child tandem times were clocked. Benjamin and Stuart Jacobson of Lexington had the fastest combined time, followed by Connor Aikens-Kinney and Andrew Kinney of Sudbury, and Anya and Michael Price of Natick. 
2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk
Dozens of dedicated volunteers were on site early to set up registration and refreshment tents, hang the posters chronicling the previous nine Home Runs, and attend to the details that make this event so user-friendly to runners of every skill level. Of course, the support of presenting sponsors – Belmont Savings Bank and The Belmont Dental Group – and contributing sponsors – Champions Sporting Goods, Belmont Wheelworks, Belmont Lions Club, and Greater Boston Running Company – was crucial.

Their backing helps Brendan’s Home Run optimize its fundraising potential. Its continuing success has enabled The Brendan Grant Foundation to provide college scholarships and likewise supports its other initiatives that benefit the youth of Belmont. All of the Foundation’s efforts are carried on to honor the memory of Brendan Grant, a young man who exhibited a true passion for life and inspired all those around him by being the consummate team player, no matter the endeavor.
2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk
Brendan’s Home Run would not be the well-oiled event it has evolved into over the past ten years without the2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk dedicated corps of volunteers who do everything from setting up tents, to registering entrants, to slicing watermelons. This small army of volunteers takes care of hundreds of details that result in the efficient execution of top notch road race in a very short time frame. Rain or shine, they are undeterred from the mission of making the event the best it can be.

Brendan's Home Run traverses an officially measured and certified course in accordance with the requirements of the USA Track & Field Road Running Technical Council (Certification Code: MA03028RN©). The accredited 5K course is primarily flat, features plenty of shade, and allows the best runners to capture excellent times. The race starts and ends at the Belmont High School Track, and the course loops out through the Winn Brook neighborhood and back upon itself. This means that halfway into the walk, the fastest runners begin passing the walkers, while the slower runners ultimately finish at about the same time as the walkers. 2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walk

As has been the case in past years, hundreds of walkers departed on the 5K course at 9:30 am with a half hour head-start before the runners. As many of them will tell you, they are out on the course when the runners pass them and really have the best seat in the house to watch the 5K race. This year the weather was near perfect with moderate temperatures under sunny skies. Information about last year's successful 2010 race/walk is available by clicking here.

According to Brian Rogers, race director, “Brendan's Home Run 5K was created ten years ago in direct response to a remarkable 2011 Brendan's Home Run 5K Race/Walkaccident that took the life of a remarkable young man. Since that time the event has been blessed with a wealth of devoted participants, volunteers, and sponsors. It just seems that something truly inspirational occurs at the Belmont High School track each and every Father's Day — a joyful celebration of family, friends, and community. The Brendan Grant Foundation is already looking forward to next year's edition."

Whether you were a runner, walker, volunteer, contributor, or a supporter in spirit but unable to attend, it was another great event with lots of fun for a worthy cause. We're already excited for next year and hope to see you on Father’s Day 2012!