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2013 Brendan's Home RunHeld Sunday, 16 June 2013 in Belmont, MA
(Story by Casey Grant, Belmont MA; Photos by Fred Field, Cumberland, ME)2013 Brendan's Home Run

Belmont, MA – A comfortable June morning provided the perfect setting for some of Metro-Boston's fastest runners at the twelfth Annual “Brendan’s Home Run”™. This year's champions were Ryan MaCalcom of Belmont (15:28) as the overall champion and leader in the men's division, while the women's division was led by Karen Roa of Somerville (17:16) who set a new course record in the female division.  The men's course record of 14:59 set by Ryan McCalmon in 2012 still stands.

The 12th Annual running of "Brendan's Home RunTM" 5K Race & Walk was held on Father's Day 16 June 2013 at the Belmont High School track.  Further details are available at the 5K race/walk website, and in addition, the full race results are available at CoolRunning.com.  It was another great day.  Here are the top finishers:
2013 Brendan's Home Run
Top Men Overall: 1. Ryan McCalmon, Belmont 15:28; 2. Dan Vassallo, Peabody 15:39; 3. 2013 Brendan's Home RunGregory Picklesimer, Newton 16:08; 4. Chris Hine, Brighton 16:19; 5. Francis Cusick, Lexington 16:21. 

Top Women Overall
: 1. Karen Roa, Somerville 17:16; 2. Lindsay Willard, Somerville 17:59; 3. Jessica Minty, Arlington 18:19; 4. Grace Eysenbach, Belmont 18:52; 5. Katrina Gravel, Peabody 18:58

Fastest Parent/Child teams (combined time): 1. Stuart & Benjamin Jacobson, Lexington 39:32; 2. Barry & James Kitch, Belmont 40:47; 3. Andrew Kinney & Connor Aikens-Kinney, Sudbury 41:16
2013 Brendan's Home Run
Top 400m race / ages 8 & under: 2013 Brendan's Home Run
Boys winner - Henry Butte 1:25;
Girls winner - Lulu Conroy 1:34

Top 400m race / ages 9 - 12:
Boys winner - Tyler Bennett-Richard 1:22;
Girls winner - Sophie Butte 1:18

The following are the top three runners in each age bracket:

19 & Under Results - Men 5000 Run 2013 Brendan's Home Run
1 #10 Benjamin Jacobson, M16 16:58
2 #359 Kevin Connors, M18 17:34
3 #13 Tim Siracusa, M16 17:55

20-29 Results - Men 5000 Run
1 #3 Dan Vassallo, M28 15:40
2 #344 Chris Hine, M29 16:20 2013 Brendan's Home Run
3 #342 Francis Cusick, M26 16:22

30-39 Results - Men 5000 Run 2013 Brendan's Home Run
1 #2 Ryan McCalmon, M37 15:28
2 #7 Christopher Leitz, M36 17:21
3 #372 James Lenhart, M36 18:09

40-49 Results - Men 5000 Run
1 #444 Gregor Picklesimer, M46 16:08
2 #262 Christopher Smith, M47 17:51
2013 Brendan's Home Run3 #26 Charlie Conroy, M43 18:40 2013 Brendan's Home Run

50-59 Results - Men 5000 Run
1 #11 Andrew Kinney, M53 18:56
2 #15 Kevin Richard, M53 19:39
3 #21 Will Brownsberger, M56 20:46

2013 Brendan's Home Run60 & Over Results - Men 5000 Run
1 #243 Marshall Randolph, M64 20:48
2 #365 Bruno Gallinelli, M62 21:22
3 #312 Richard Paulsen, M69 22:41

19 & Under Results - Women 5000 Run
1 #177 Sophie Klimasmith, W15 21:05
2 #232 Sydney Perkins, W17 23:13
3 #85 Audrey Christo, W12 24:28

20-29 Results - Women 5000 Run
1 #314 Karen Roa, W22 17:17
2013 Brendan's Home Run2 #4 Jessica Minty, W29 18:19 2013 Brendan's Home Run
3 #12 Katrina Gravel, W24 18:58

30-39 Results - Women 5000 Run
1 #5 Lindsay Willard, W34 18:00
2 #371 Mary Pizarro, W30 20:14
3 #446 Becca Pizzi, W33 21:27

40-49 Results - Women 5000 Run
1 #332 Karin Lehr, W44 21:08
2 #207 Carolyn Mehaffey, W49 22:16
3 #157 Natalie Jeong, W43 23:10
2013 Brendan's Home Run
50-59 Results - Women 5000 Run
1 #321 Eileen Troy, W59 23:51
2 #401 Kerry O'Donovan, W51 24:41 2013 Brendan's Home Run
3 #118 Mimi Englander, W52 24:49

2013 Brendan's Home Run60 & Over Results - Women 5000 Run
1 #341 Linda Jennings, W61 21:01
2 #120 Deborah Falvey, W62 30:36
3 #171 Kwan Lai, W62 34:04

Extensive crowds of spectators were watching the runners, and they witnessed impressive displays of athletic abilities and several honorable mentions during the morning.  This included the following:2013 Brendan's Home Run
•  Fifty-seven year old Don Salamone of Needham ran the race in 24:11 and achieved his goal of breaking the 25 minute mark for a 5K.  Don has the heart of an 18 year old, literally, as a full heart transplant recipient, and is proving to all that the gift of life is a truly great thing. 
2013 Brendan's Home Run•  Crowd favorite Michael Collins of Marco Island, FL ran and finished the 5K once again, this year at 82 years young.  Among other notable achievements Mike was the Command Module Pilot for the Apollo 11 mission in 1969, NASA's first lunar landing. 
•  Another crowd favorite was Ram Satyaprasad of Burlington with the Shamrock Running Club, still posting amazing times despite his age of 74 years, though on this day he took it easy because he was running with his grandchildren. 
•  The youngest finisher of the day in the 5K race with the most impressive time was 9 year old Issac Laing of Belmont who arrived at the finish line in 22:02. 
•  StateSenator Will Brownsberger came in 3rd in his age bracket, demonstrating his ability to run a foot race as good as a political race.
•  Another runner that dazzled the crowd was 27 year old Cara Fitzgibbons who ran the race barefoot and is known to likewise run marathons with no shoes.
2013 Brendan's Home Run
2013 Brendan's Home RunThis year's Presenting Sponsors are: Belmont Savings Bank; Belmont Dental Group; and Fitness Together Belmont.  We greatly appreciate the generous support they provide, and we ask that you likewise help support them.  In addition, this year's Contributing Sponsors are: Champion Sporting Goods, Belmont Wheelworks, Belmont Lions Club, and Alan & Isabelle DerKarzarian & Family.  Thanks again to all who help support The Brendan Grant Foundation. 

Brendan's Home Run traverses an officially measured and certified course in accordance with the requirements of the USA Track & Field Road Running Technical Council (Certification Code: MA03028RN©). The accredited 5K course is primarily flat, features plenty of shade, and allows the best runners to capture excellent times. The race starts and ends at the Belmont High School Track, and the course loops out through the Winn Brook neighborhood and back upon itself. This means that halfway into the walk, the fastest runners begin passing the walkers, while the slower runners ultimately finish at about the same time as the walkers.
2013 Brendan's Home Run
As has been the case in past years, hundreds of walkers departed on the 5K course at 9:30 am2013 Brendan's Home Run with a half hour head-start before the runners. As many of them will tell you, they are out on the course when the runners pass them and really have the best seat in the house to watch the 5K race. This year the weather was near perfect with moderate temperatures under sunny skies.  See the story on last year's 2012 race.  Also, click here to watch a video of  the June 2012 5K race/walk (courtesy Belmont Media Center).

It just seems that something truly inspirational occurs at the Belmont High School track each and every Father's Day — a joyful celebration of family, friends, and community. The Brendan Grant Foundation is already looking forward to next year's edition.  Whether you were a runner, walker, volunteer, contributor, or a supporter in spirit but unable to attend, we hope to see you on Father’s Day 2013!